Our Goal


                 Attorneys at Law 

    Our firm's practice areas include complex business, commercial and family disputes. Substantive areas of our practice include litigation in the areas of breach of contract, insurance, insurance insolvency, partnership/corporate fiduciary, real estate, employment, elder law, probate and family law.

    We believe that our clients deserve a litigation plan directed to resolving the litigation as expediently as possible with minimal disruption, loss of time and expense.  To accomplish this goal, we encourage active involvement from our clients in developing and implementing the winning strategy of the case.

    For years we have been dedicated to providing quality legal representation that our clients need.  There are often many ways to avoid or resolve a dispute without costly litigation. We have helped businesses and individuals make informed decisions as to what course of action is best for them.  

     We remain mindful of the high cost of legal representation generally and in the area of litigation particularly. We strive to create fair and equitable settlement opportunities and recommend exploring all reasonable dispute resolution options before resorting to the courts for litigation. However, we stand ready to go to trial to protect our client's rights when it is necessary.

    If you have any questions regarding a legal matter, please feel free to contact our office.



Woolley <> Wilson LLP is a registered limited liability partnership including a professional corporation